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Men’s Laser Hair Removal

Why do men consider Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

• A large proportion of our client base is men.

• Hair reduction is dramatic plus you can find that you’ll get smoother skin.

• We can thin the hair grow out making it finer if you don’t want to completely eradicate the hair.

• Ingrown hairs and shaving rashes are significantly reduced.

• In the long run, when you swap the razor for the laser you will save time and money.

• We can laser the whole body if required.

Which body areas can be treated?

The following areas are the most popular men’s laser hair removal areas, although all hair on the body can be treated.

• Front Neck
• Back of the Neck
• Cheekbones
• Nose and Nostrils
• Middle of Eyebrow
• Arms
• Chest Abdomen
• Hands and Fingers
• Shaping Forehead hair and sideburns
• Beard & Sideburn shaping

Legs can also be treated to reduce the amount of growth and make hair grow back finer.

SPREAD THE COST: We can spread the cost offering Interest-Free 12 month payment plans, we can discuss this during your consultation.

So why should men choose Soprano Ice Platinum technology?

  • We can treat all skin types and most hair colours
  • We can even treat tanned skin
  • It’s a very effective treatment as it’s using 3 wavelengths simultaneously during treatment 
  • Yag Wavelength allows us to treat darker skin tones
  • Faster treatment time
  • It’s safe! With proven Safety Records
  • It’s pain free
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