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CACI Facials

From the age of 25 the ageing process starts and our facial muscles naturally start to lose tone and elasticity. There are many additional factors that contribute to the ageing process such as genetics, lifestyle, weight fluctuation and environmental factors. These also influence the rate and degree which our muscles lose their tone. We all know first impressions count and a sagging face can make people look and feel tired, much older than their years.

During a full non-surgical facelift, all 32 facial muscles are gently manipulated and re-educated by a trained therapist using a series of precise movements. Peptide rich , soft cotton tipped wands are used on the face to restore tone and elasticity.

Results can be visible after the very first treatment but a course of 10 treatments is required. CACI facials are the gym for the face, you wouldn’t expect results after one session with a personal trainer, would you? The same applies to CACI facials, throughout the course of facials the intensity of the micro current is increased just the same as you would expect in a gym.

After a course of CACI facial toning treatments, facial contours will look more lifted and toned. To maintain the results it is essential to have just one facial every 4 weeks. These facials are preventative as well as corrective which means that clients may start from the age of 28 upwards. For clients who would like further results we there is always the option of having 2 courses of 10 back to back before going onto a maintenance program.


All CACI courses (except Microdermabrasion) must start with an intensive initial course of 10 (twice per week) before monthly maintenance (once per month) can commence.

Add the LP Jowl Lift for £20.

Add the LP Jowl Lift to one of the other face treatments. Book this addition to when you book your treatment as it adds an extra 15 min your your treatment time

Contra Indications

If you have had Botox we advise that you wait for 3 months before treating that area.

If you have had Filler, you can have CACI treatments  after 2 weeks as long as you client don't find it uncomfortable.

Having CACI and Filler together will compliment each other and can create more defined contours.

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