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What are they?

  • A mild form of acne.
  • Small bumps with a dark surface that appear In the hair follicle.
  • Similar to a white head but a black heads bump stays open.
  • We have millions of hair follicles each with its own sebaceous gland which produces the oil that hydrates and keeps skin smooth.
  • We constantly shed dead skin cells which merge with excess oils and collect in the opening of the follicles. These bumps stay open and pollution causes a dark surface which forms a black head.

Why do we get blackheads? 

  • Overproduction of oils due to hormone changes, diet and deficiency in vitamins.
  • Build up of bacteria on the skin largely caused by acne and natural oils.
  • Hormone changes caused by, menstruation, teenage years, contraception and menopause.
  • Build up of dead skin cells through irregular exfoliation.
  • Build up of dead skins cells due to skin not shedding naturally.

What ingredients should I use to remove blackheads? 

  • Salicylic Acid- works on the surface of the skin to break down debris in clogged pores.
  • Retinol- normalises oil production and naturally exfoliates the skin.

What facial treatments treat blackheads?

  • CACI microdermabrasion- deep exfoliation, supports blackhead removal and reduces scarring.
  • Environ Cool Peel- destroys bacteria and decongests the skin. They remove dead skin cells whilst normalising hydration levels within the epidermis.

• Environ Purifying Facial- works to purify the pores by exfoliating the surface of the skin. Lactic acid is used to decongest the follicles and treat blemishes and scarring.

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